Countdown to NYCC, D-27, eye on calendar

September 16, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

Getting a little stressed, many things need to happen.

Today’s items accomplished:

– Sent out design for custom die-cut fixture that we will need for Lenticular puzzle

– Spoke with our Lenticular printer, they will be able to produce finished blanks in time, and at a reasonable cost.  Will need artwork to them Monday/Tuesday next week, though.

– Spoke with Card printer, found out that all the card backs will need to be massaged.  Can do over weekend.  They are ordering paper today (I gave them ample heads up, they should have ordered already, but should be ok)

– Ordered Aromatics for special purpose

– Finalized front for NYCC special promo card.  Now got to design the back.

– Scheduled when The Sucklord will visit us to guide final production

Did not get to yet:

– Email to artists

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