SideKick is Moving to New Facility!

January 13, 2012 - no comments. Posted by in Production.

SideKick is moving to a new industrial space in Rutland.  It is about a mile from our old location, so we have been moving gradually over the last month or so.  The new shop is in an industrial park.  The previous tenant was a printing company (Sharp and company Printing).  They closed their doors a few months ago, and Chris Cozi (Cozi Reproduction) and I took over the lease.  Some of the printing equipment was kept, and some sold off.

We are in the middle of the move, so the new space is not setup yet.  Mostly just dropping stuff in place.

Here are some photos of the new digs:

miehle 38 inch press

The big 38 inch press.  About 50 years old, will handle our card stock easily.

heidelberg black ball windmill

I am excited about the purchase of this Heidelberg windmill.  About 60 years old, an amazing workhorse.

letterpress table top presses

For fun, and  specialty work, we have 3 table top presses.  Left to right: 6×10 Excelsior, 5×8 Excelsior, and a 6×10 Chandler & Price Pilot.

Working space in shop floor.  Uncut sheets in the rack, letterpress type and furniture to the right.

Collating room

Hand work room, hot foil stamping, etc.

This will be the wax pack wrapping room.

My future office

Plotter room

Finished cards storage room

Uncut sheets storage

More Letterpress furniture

Archive flat files (right side)  more Letterpress stuff in the middle cabinet.

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