Suckpax 3, special cards, puzzle, die cut design

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puzzle die cut design

Did a design/layout for a 12 piece puzzle.  Each piece had to fit into a wax pack, so had to fit within a 2.5″ x 3.5″ rectangle.  Fun to lay it out.  I picked up an example at the local dollar store, to see shapes. After the sketch, I inked and scanned.  In illustrator I then created paths for the outlines.  The illustrator file will go to the die cut maker.  I made the design generic, so I can recycle the die for other future card sets.  Could make for some weird puzzles, when you can use pieces from different card series and fit them together.

Some of the piece outlines got a little looser, and more trippy, as I progressed.  Wondering if I should redo the early ones to match the swim-ey style.

Print run for The Art Hustle series 2 cards

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Simeon from CardHacks was up from New York, to do a press check for the card printing.

Examining the first sheet off the press.

press check

Pressman checking the color and registration.


Printed on front side only, the pressman now preps the sheets for printing the reverse side.  Corners are curled, and the entire stack is flipped over.

prepping to flip sheets

First sheet of back printing, last check before hitting the go button.

presscheck on backs

Finished sheets are now cut into individual cards.  about 200 sheets cut at a time, and each final card stack is called a “lift”.  The shop took great care of us, mounting a fresh new blade on the cutter just for our run.

trading card cutting

Lifts are packed into cartons for shipping to the SideKick Lab.

card cutting

Simeon is pleased with the finished cards.

Happy Simeon

Production tip (spacers)

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A low cost source of foam spacers:  Swimming noodles.  I bought several for a dollar each, at the local dollar store.  I can slice them easily, like bologna, to any width I need.

spacers on the cheap

They are just under the width of a trading card.

spacers in use

I like these, because I can fit my finger in between the stacks.  Makes it easier to pluck one of each out.

First Boxes of The Art Hustle series 2

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the art hustle series 2 first boxes

We begin final assembly today for The Art Hustle Trading Cards, series 2.  All of the various pieces have been prepared over the last few weeks.

wax wrappers

Stacks of pack wrappers, ready to go.

the art hustle series 2 boxes

Boxes are ready to pack.  Folded, glued, numbered.  Eager to be filled.


Gearing up

March 14, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Production.

sorting bins for trading cards

Built up a new setup for pulling sets of collated cards.   Same setup on the other side.  We’ll walk around the stand pulling cards to make up base sets.  I have designed a carousel to do the same job, but where the bins rotate around, and we can sit and pull.  Like a lazy susan on a table.  But I have not built that yet, so this will do for now.

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