Bin Boxes for pulling sets

February 26, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Production.

Spent the day making up more bin boxes:

construction of bin boxes

Each bin holds about 800 each of 6 different cards.  Pieces of 1/8″ masonite are used for back and long dividers.  The short dividers are slices of house siding, trimed to 2-1/4″ deep, and 2-5/8″ wide.  liberal glue, and clamping put them together in minutes.  Final step is to wipe the inside corners to remove excess glue.  Otherwise, card corners might be dinged.

sorting bins in use

The Donald is pulling base card sets (for Suckpax series 2).  We set out enough bins to hold all the different base cards, and then pull one from each slot to make a set. He walks down the line, pulling cards, and then walks back gathering up the cards.

I am designing a large carosel, like a lazy susan, that will hold a ring of outward facing bins.  That way, whoever is pulling sets can sit and spin the carosel in front of them instead of walking along a line of bins.  Possibly use a car rim/bearing as the hub, set vertically on a tripod.

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