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First Boxes of The Art Hustle series 2

May 5, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Production, The Art Hustle 2.

the art hustle series 2 first boxes

We begin final assembly today for The Art Hustle Trading Cards, series 2.  All of the various pieces have been prepared over the last few weeks.

wax wrappers

Stacks of pack wrappers, ready to go.

the art hustle series 2 boxes

Boxes are ready to pack.  Folded, glued, numbered.  Eager to be filled.


Vintage Trading Card Boxes

February 26, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in packaging.

I was looking through my archive of vintage card boxes, looking for ideas for the upcoming Tractor series.

vintage trading card boxes

While I had them laid out, shot some photos to share.

vintage trading card boxes

about 1/3 of the boxes above are full with packs from their series.

trading card boxes FPG

These are all published in the early 90’s by FPG.  I am fascinated by the company.  They did foil packs, which is a neg, but what I love is that they were completely focused on Fantasy Art.  Each series was focused on one artist.  I believe they put out about 120 different series, from 1991 to 1995.  A trading card dealer at the Philly show told me that a divorce caused the end of the company.

I have about 25 full sealed boxes so far, and the complete-ist collector inside me has accepted the challenge to get a full set of every unique box they produced.

Bin Boxes for pulling sets

February 26, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Production.

Spent the day making up more bin boxes:

construction of bin boxes

Each bin holds about 800 each of 6 different cards.  Pieces of 1/8″ masonite are used for back and long dividers.  The short dividers are slices of house siding, trimed to 2-1/4″ deep, and 2-5/8″ wide.  liberal glue, and clamping put them together in minutes.  Final step is to wipe the inside corners to remove excess glue.  Otherwise, card corners might be dinged.

sorting bins in use

The Donald is pulling base card sets (for Suckpax series 2).  We set out enough bins to hold all the different base cards, and then pull one from each slot to make a set. He walks down the line, pulling cards, and then walks back gathering up the cards.

I am designing a large carosel, like a lazy susan, that will hold a ring of outward facing bins.  That way, whoever is pulling sets can sit and spin the carosel in front of them instead of walking along a line of bins.  Possibly use a car rim/bearing as the hub, set vertically on a tripod.

Special Mary Papers Card

January 22, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

mary papers card for boo-hooray show

We hot-foil stamped some special Mary Papers cards from Suckpax series 2.  They are for the closing party at the Boo-Hooray Suckadelic show, which Mary will be attending.  These have both the Gold M stamp, and a special Boo-Hooray black foil stamp also.  Finished about 40 of them.

Some other stamping for the show:


5 boxes of wax packs were made with special Boo-Hooray show.  The have black foil stamping on the outer wrappers, and are available at the Gallery, and the online show store as loose packs.

boo-hooray-vectar card

300 Gold stamped Boo-Hooray Vectar cards were created for the closing show.  This card is from The Art Hustle series 1.

The Donald in action

January 22, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Suckpax 2.

the donald wrapping packs of suckpax 2 cards

The Donald is finishing up the last of the Suckpax series 2 boxes.  Available at Suckadelic

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