Suckpax 2

On sale now, 11/2010

Toy Break box break video

Suckpax 2 product photos

Drop announcement

Suckpax 2 basic info

The Art Hustle 1

Sold out, 7/2010 to 9/2010

The Art Hustle series 1 product photos

Nice video of a pack being opened:

another pack opening, in the UK:–7YVNQjk

Suckpax 1

Sold out, 10/2009 to 3/2010

Suckpax 1 product photos

Suckpax 1 video commercial

Links to online articles

November 2010

KidRobot on Suckpax 2

July 2010

Fecal Face Dot Com
We sent a short box (only 8 packs instead of the full 36) to these guys, and they posted photos, video, and short review. Any publicity is good publicity, but he gets a little snarky in the video.

Great review of a short (8 pack) promo box, they loved us.

Paul Bines talks about The Art Hustle in his UK podcast, episode 28. His podcast is available via iTunes, and if you read this blog you should be listening to his podcast.

Toy Break
The gang rips into a full promo box, and tout a contest giving our cards away. A rave review, they really get what we are doing.

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