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Countdown to NYCC, D-29 ramping up

September 14, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

This week is going to be a lot of late hours, a lot of time devoted to getting stuff ready to send out for fabrication.

Biggest things (highest priority):

Artwork for Cards.  Deadline to get final artwork to printer is Friday (Monday if I have to).  I have 83 in hand (out of 110).  The Sucklord is working on about 12 more.  Simeon has asked for 6 slots, but not sent art yet.  Datadub is sending in art for one card.  This leaves about 9 open slots for cards.

Ride-alongs!  I have a bunch of SideKick related cards I can add in, if the slots stay open.  I have sent out an appeal to my cronies to see if anyone has cards they want to include.

Die-cutting fixtures.  I have to send out to have special fixtures created for Die-cutting stickers.

steel rule die

This is an example for a small box.  I do the design in Illustrator, send to fab company, and it takes about a week to have it made.

Letter to Artists: Any artist who has worked with any project associated with SideKick is invited to make a guest appearance at our NYCC booth.  I need to write this up as an email to send out.

R&D: Still working out some technical aspects of special cards to go into Suckpax 3.  Got some cool new things to slip into packs.

NYCC logistics: load in and out

September 13, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

The NYCC administration sent a “must read email”, which struck my fancy, so on a lark I opened it up to see if there was anything of interest.  Glad I did, it gave a bit of info I needed ahead of time.

I am planning to do a POV load-in (POV means privately owned vehicle).  I will be able to fit all my gear into my car (probably), or if not, into my van (the creepy old man van).  The show is at the Javits Center, which is usually highly controlled by Unions for getting stuff in and out of events.  But for this show, you can load yourself for free.

The email gave some rules about this, which were new to me.

First, and biggest: where to drive in to unload, and that YOU MUST HAVE A SECOND PERSON with you.  The vehicle cannot be left alone at any time.  I was thinking of going alone, and would have been blocked.  Rules say single occupant vehicles will not be allowed into unload area at all.  I have tapped my friend JB to ride shotgun.

Second rule of interest: only 2 wheel carts allowed.

Third: 300 lbs max for total booth materials.


Countdown to NYCC: D-30 (the plan)

September 13, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

Ok, gonna be hustling.  Got a lot of stuff to accomplish before New York Comic Con.  We need to have a variety of stuff to sell, and events going on.

Experiment: post a lot of details about prep, see if it builds more interest in our booth.

I look at my list, and there are many different kinds of tasks to do.

Rough list of goals:

1) Have Suckpax 3 boxes finished and available for sale

2) The Art Hustle series 1 Factory box sets ready for sale

3) Custom promo cards to give out

4) Book artists for guest appearances

5) NYCC custom sketch card blank for guest artists to use

6) Design and print T-shirts to sell

7) Frame Galaxy 6 master die cut sketch card set for display at booth

8) Build sample kits for SideKick, for giving out to potential collaborators

9) Design and prepare booth decoration/signage

10) Build up boxes of “My Dad’s Record Collection” to sell

11) Design packaging for Suckpax 2 Factory base set boxes

The biggest of these is the Suckpax 3 build.  I just got artwork yesterday, so we are going to do the whole project, print, manufacture, and assemble within 30 days.

The Sucklord is an artist in the second season of Bravo TV’s “Work of Art”, which airs the first episode Oct 12th (day before the NYCC show opens).

New York Comic-Con Planning NYCC

August 19, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

We are going to have a booth at the New York Comic-con, #576 in the Cultyard section.

Onell Design has booth #578 next to us, and we are going to mash up our booths to one big one.

Our rough plan is for both Onell and SideKick to both sell company stuff, and to host artists and creators in time slots during the show.

I did a scale 1/12 mockup, to test ideas with tables:

NYCC booth

NYCC booth

The purple tables would be for SideKick and Onell goods, and the two yellow higher tables are for guests.

We are going to invite any artist/creators that have appeared on SideKick cards to be guests.  They will be able to bring whatever they want to show and/or sell on their tables.

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