Countdown to NYCC, D-29 ramping up

September 14, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

This week is going to be a lot of late hours, a lot of time devoted to getting stuff ready to send out for fabrication.

Biggest things (highest priority):

Artwork for Cards.  Deadline to get final artwork to printer is Friday (Monday if I have to).  I have 83 in hand (out of 110).  The Sucklord is working on about 12 more.  Simeon has asked for 6 slots, but not sent art yet.  Datadub is sending in art for one card.  This leaves about 9 open slots for cards.

Ride-alongs!  I have a bunch of SideKick related cards I can add in, if the slots stay open.  I have sent out an appeal to my cronies to see if anyone has cards they want to include.

Die-cutting fixtures.  I have to send out to have special fixtures created for Die-cutting stickers.

steel rule die

This is an example for a small box.  I do the design in Illustrator, send to fab company, and it takes about a week to have it made.

Letter to Artists: Any artist who has worked with any project associated with SideKick is invited to make a guest appearance at our NYCC booth.  I need to write this up as an email to send out.

R&D: Still working out some technical aspects of special cards to go into Suckpax 3.  Got some cool new things to slip into packs.

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