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Mars Attacks box on ebay for 185 thousand dollars

October 1, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in packaging.

Takes my breath away.  A beautiful box, a prototype, but the price is astonishing.  From Topps.

If you have the funds available to add this to your collection, we need to talk about collaborating on some projects.

on ebay

The photos of the box: (click to enlarge)

My Dads Record Collection series 1 trading cards

August 5, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in My Dads Record Collection.

artomat vending pack

This is the packaging I made up for single pack sales via Art-O-Mat machines.  They asked for one sample, but I made up three to send them.  Dimensions are slightly smaller than standard trading cards, since they have to fit into a 2-1/8″ by 3-1/4″ by 7/8″ package.  Still made like the regular cards, with wax paper wrapping, but more like the original tabacco trading cards.  I’ll send them with the paper work to Art-O-Mat tomorrow.  Got my fingers crossed.

Suckpax 2 prototype box

July 29, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Suckpax 2.

Just made up a prototype of the Suckpax Action Art Cards series 2 box!
suckpax 2 prototype box

The Art Hustle box building

July 22, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in The Art Hustle 1.

the art hustle boxes die cutting

Boxes were printed, and I then drove the stack of printed sheets to our Die cutter.  This was my first time designing a die-cut pattern, and it worked out great.  I made the die cutter nervous, because I ran the total job out of order.  Normally, the die-cut pattern is made first, a die created, and it is tested with blank sheets.  A low pressure sheet is done, so that it has creases instead of cuts.  This creased sheet is then sent along with artwork to the printer, who uses both to position the artwork within the rectangular finished sheets.  I did this out of sequence, in that the artwork was printed onto stock sheets, and the die-cut created independently.  We skipped the test run, and positioning stage.  All bets were off if it would come together.  I was confident it would work, and in the end, it was fine.

number stamping boxes

Back at the Lab, we number stamp each box.  Promo boxes are numbered also, but are also labeled PROMO in green near the number.

the art hustle box tops

Actual cards are glued to the tops of the boxes, one of the above 15.  There are 20 boxes for each card.

glueing up boxes

Finally, we fold and glue the four corners of each box.

finished flattened boxes

10 packs of glued, flattened boxes.

Distroboto – Art vending machine

July 9, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Distribution.

Distroboto machine

Around Montreal there are several re-purposed cigarette machines, which now vend Art!  The project is called Distroboto. The one above is in a bar on St Laurent.  Different artists create items that can fit into a reused cigarette package, and they are sold for $2 via these machines.

Most of the works are small printed matter, such as small zines, or are music via cassettes.  I have seen mini-cds, but not this visit.

Above is the components of the what I purchased, which was identified as “buttons”.

nipple buttons

The actual art was a pair of buttons, and it took me a while to figure out what the images were.

mouse-over the following if you need help: Nipples!

I am working on a small run of trading cards, using recycled materials, to contribute to this project for sale in these machines.

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