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SDCC SideKick guest slot at GLOBAL FIGURE SYMPOSIUM Booth

July 17, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

We have a slot!  At an official Booth!

Come visit as at the Con, 5 pm Saturday, at the GLOBAL FIGURE SYMPOSIUM Booth #4397.

This is a last minute surprise, and we are excited.

Onell design studios is running the booth, and gave us the slot.  It had been reserved for someone else who turned out to be a flake, so we got the last minute nod to fill in.
We’ll have Suckpax series 2 and The Art Hustle series 2 for sale, and will be giving away promo cards.

SDCC Ron English mini set

July 17, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events, Trading Cards.

SideKick has produced an 8 card mini set of Ron English art, to be sold exclusively by ToyTokyo at SDCC.

Two Different Fronts:

ron english trading cards SDCC

“Superboy” and “McSupersized”.  All cards gold foil embossed.

8 different backs, forming a puzzle:

ron english sdcc puzzle back trading cards

Cards will be sold throughout the show, at the ToyTokyo booth (#5437).  Ron English, and Morgan Spurlock will be in attendance at the ToyTokyo booth for signings, at several times over the 4 day show.


These special trading cards will be available for purchase as single cards ($3.50 each), in an 8-pack ($25), or an uncut sheet of 8 ($50).

ron english table displayron english 8 pack trading cards sdcc

SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) news

July 17, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events, Trading Cards.

SideKick will be at SDCC!

what we are bringing
A look at the stuff we will be packing to bring to the Con.
We have several different cards, and events, at the show.

The Art Hustle:
4 different cards embossed with a 2011 SDCC gold foil seal will be given away to those who ask for them, available at DKE Toys booth (#4728 in the Toy section).
A different card will be given out each day.
2 of them are Promo cards, and 2 are part of the regular numbered series, and have not been released to the public yet. These are not part of Series 2, but instead are the next 2 cards in numeric sequence.

Ron English:
A special set of cards, available through ToyTokyo (booth #5437) exclusively. These are a mini set, with 2 different fronts and 3 different backs. Artwork is by Ron English, “Superboy” and “McSupersized”. The 8 different backs form a puzzle of another Ron English artwork. Ron English and Morgan Spurlock will be at the ToyTokyo booth at various times during the show for signing.
Harris Toser did a nice writeup:

We have a guest slot at a booth, 5pm Saturday booth #4397, where we will give out promos, and have for sale Suckpax and The Art Hustle cards.

I will be roaming the show the rest of the time.

For social media during the show:
Twitter: @sidekicklab
Foursquare: SideKickLab (experiment to see if it will work with booth locations, for finding and being found)
I will be posting photos on in the evenings (as time and energy allows).


SDCC Scavenger success story

July 29, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Events, The Art Hustle 1.

SDCC scavenger

Over on the Scoundrel message board user mgeo chronicles his experience in completing the SDCC scavenger hunt.

SDCC scavenger hunt info

July 15, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Events, The Art Hustle 1.

Some more details on the Scavenger hunt:

The scavenger hunt is going to be pretty neat- you start at DKE booth (#4732), and get a cryptic clue as a hint to find someone.  That person will give  you the first stamped card.  You then have to find that artist pictured on the card, have them sign it, and then that artist will then give you the clue (verbally) to find the next card issuer.   Once you have gathered and four signed cards, you then return to DKE booth, show your cards, and have them stamped REDEEMED.

You will then receive a prize of two additional pre-signed artist cards, Ron English and Travis Louie.

You keep the 6 card set, with redemption and way-station stamps on the backs.

If I wasn’t part of the creation, I would be going to San Diego and playing the hunt!

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