Suckpax 1

Buying back a sketch card

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scott tolleson sketch card suckpax series 2

I just bought this card on Ebay.  It is so cool, I wanted it for my own collection.  A great rendering by Scott Tolleson, of a Suckpax 1 card, done for a Suckpax 2 sketch card.  A trading card moebius strip.  Two great tastes blended in one.

Weird looping, it literally passed through our hands here at SideKick, and now is back after passing through the packaging, shipping, buying, collecting, reselling, process.

The words of Tony Montana were in my ears as I clicked the bid button on Ebay:  “Don’t get high on your own supply”.  Oh well.

Suckpax spotted in NYC store

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The Art Hustle and Wacky Packages cards on sale at Forbidden ... on TwitpicHarris Toser of Non Sport Update Magazine posted on his twitter account a photo taken in the Forbidden Planet store, of Suckpax. Click for enlargement.  Follow his twitter at harristoser.

Suckpax series 1 uncut sheet added to Redemption

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suckpax series 1 uncut sheet

Just added uncut Suckpax series 1 uncut sheets to the “Wax Pax Kix Bax” point redemption page.

wrapping Suckpax series 1 wax packs

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wrapping wax packs

All of the wax packs are hand folded.  A board holding the 36 stacks of 7 cards each are brought to the wrapping station, and crack trained personnel utilize the official folding method. This reproduces the set of creases and folds of the vintage (pre-1990) packs.

Before 1991, folded wax paper wrappers was the norm for trading cards.  Around 1990 the first cellophane wrapped packs started appearing, and soon the foil end crimp packs.  I have been on the hunt for an automatic folding machine, but have not found one yet.  The closest I have come is Chicago 1996.  I spoke with an executive with General Packaging, who said their last wrapping machine was broken up for scrap metal that year.


Mascot pet rock?

The rock is heated, and used to seal packs?

Zen contemplation object for mental health of folders?

Special insert?

boxing up suckpax

After the 36 packs are wrapped, they go into the box.

Dealing out cards for Suckpax box

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Suckpax 1 cards

Each box contains 252 cards.  Before wrapping, we deal out the cards to go into one box onto a sorting board.  36 stacks, 7 cards per stack.  Care is taken to avoid duplicates within a pack, and to put special cards into the center of a pack-stack.

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