Suckpax 3, Boxes printed and cut out already

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suckpax 3 trading card box

We already have the printed and die cut boxes for Suckpax 3.  They were done in tandem with Suckpax 2 boxes, to reduce cost.  All we need to do now is number and glue them up.  Scheduled for later this week.

This is the only component (other than sketch card blanks) already done.

Vintage Trading Card Boxes

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I was looking through my archive of vintage card boxes, looking for ideas for the upcoming Tractor series.

vintage trading card boxes

While I had them laid out, shot some photos to share.

vintage trading card boxes

about 1/3 of the boxes above are full with packs from their series.

trading card boxes FPG

These are all published in the early 90’s by FPG.  I am fascinated by the company.  They did foil packs, which is a neg, but what I love is that they were completely focused on Fantasy Art.  Each series was focused on one artist.  I believe they put out about 120 different series, from 1991 to 1995.  A trading card dealer at the Philly show told me that a divorce caused the end of the company.

I have about 25 full sealed boxes so far, and the complete-ist collector inside me has accepted the challenge to get a full set of every unique box they produced.

Mars Attacks box on ebay for 185 thousand dollars

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Takes my breath away.  A beautiful box, a prototype, but the price is astonishing.  From Topps.

If you have the funds available to add this to your collection, we need to talk about collaborating on some projects.

on ebay

The photos of the box: (click to enlarge)

Yes, there will be gum

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gum for trading card packs

Our number one comment from people seeing the Suckpax 1 card packs was “Is there gum?”

So of course we had to have gun for The Art Hustle series.  The real deal, a stick is going into every pack.

The Art Hustle 1 boxes

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The Art Hustle 1 Boxes

A batch of finished boxes for The Art Hustle 1 series.  Cards have been attached to the tops, and corners glued.  They are shrink wrapped them to keep them safe from scuffing.

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