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Toy Street 2011 event

April 27, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events, My Dads Record Collection, Suckpax 2.

Toy Street 2011 NYC booth

We had a great time in New York, captaining a booth at the Toy Street annual event.  Hosted by The Cookies Mob, a must attend show.  Ron English was there, as featured artist.  Some of my photos.  We sold some stuff, enough to cover expenses.  The suprise was how well my series, “my dad’s record collection” sold.

We will have a table at Toy Street NYC 2011

April 21, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events, Trading Cards.

Come visit us at The Toy Street NYC event this friday, 4/22/2011, noon to 8pm.

At our table you can get some free promo cards.  We’ll also have boxes of Suckpax 2 trading cards for sale.

This will also be the first event for our Trading Card vending machine!

sidekick trading card vending machine

It will be stocked with a variety of cards from our sets.  Plans are to use the four slots to vend:

  • SideKick cards
  • Suckpax series 1
  • Suckpax series 2
  • The Art Hustle series 1

Two cards for a dollar!  Cheap!


Special Mary Papers Card

January 22, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

mary papers card for boo-hooray show

We hot-foil stamped some special Mary Papers cards from Suckpax series 2.  They are for the closing party at the Boo-Hooray Suckadelic show, which Mary will be attending.  These have both the Gold M stamp, and a special Boo-Hooray black foil stamp also.  Finished about 40 of them.

Some other stamping for the show:


5 boxes of wax packs were made with special Boo-Hooray show.  The have black foil stamping on the outer wrappers, and are available at the Gallery, and the online show store as loose packs.

boo-hooray-vectar card

300 Gold stamped Boo-Hooray Vectar cards were created for the closing show.  This card is from The Art Hustle series 1.

2nd Avenue Art card swap meet and show

November 8, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

2nd avenue card show crowd

It was a great show!  A photo album from the event.  Took place in the Toy Tokyo basement, 11/5/2010.

Free beer was provided by Beer Lao!

Jared flew in from Texas, just for the event.  With him is Len Bellinger, showing off one of his Sketch cards.

We setup several tables:

One for uncut vintage card sheets;

for vintage boxes;

Merchandise table;

and an art table for live sketch and modified card creation.  These cards will be foil stamped with the event logo, and inserted into Suckpax 2 boxes.

2nd Ave NYC card event

November 1, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Events.

We are one of the co-sponsers of the “First Annual 2nd Avenue Trading card convention and swap meet”!


card show

And I came across a vagrant street version, by someone well meaning but slightly deranged:

Going to be an exceptional event.  I plan to bring some vintage uncut sheets and vintage wax pack boxes of cards to show.  I am hoping many who attend bring at least one binder of their best cards to show.  Especially sketch or original art cards.

We will be raffling off a Suckpax 1 uncut sheet sometime during the event.  The plans are for all attendees to get a numbered ticket, and there will be hourly drawings for prizes.

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