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SideKick will be at SDCC!

what we are bringing
A look at the stuff we will be packing to bring to the Con.
We have several different cards, and events, at the show.

The Art Hustle:
4 different cards embossed with a 2011 SDCC gold foil seal will be given away to those who ask for them, available at DKE Toys booth (#4728 in the Toy section).
A different card will be given out each day.
2 of them are Promo cards, and 2 are part of the regular numbered series, and have not been released to the public yet. These are not part of Series 2, but instead are the next 2 cards in numeric sequence.

Ron English:
A special set of cards, available through ToyTokyo (booth #5437) exclusively. These are a mini set, with 2 different fronts and 3 different backs. Artwork is by Ron English, “Superboy” and “McSupersized”. The 8 different backs form a puzzle of another Ron English artwork. Ron English and Morgan Spurlock will be at the ToyTokyo booth at various times during the show for signing.
Harris Toser did a nice writeup:

We have a guest slot at a booth, 5pm Saturday booth #4397, where we will give out promos, and have for sale Suckpax and The Art Hustle cards.

I will be roaming the show the rest of the time.

For social media during the show:
Twitter: @sidekicklab
Foursquare: SideKickLab (experiment to see if it will work with booth locations, for finding and being found)
I will be posting photos on in the evenings (as time and energy allows).


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