Burning rare Suckpax 1 cards

July 8, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Suckpax 1.

burning Suckpax 1 cards
Certain cards were deemed to be made “scarce”.  Four different base cards were selected to have fewer exist than the rest of the base set, and the three different chase cards were also reduced in quantity.  I suggested burning them, to ensure scarcity, and we proceeded behind the SideKick Lab facility to make a campfire and begin operation scarcity.  I was tending the fire, and a few half-burned cards fluttered out of the flames.  The Sucklord began picking them up to tuck back into the fire, and I saw a light bulb switch on over his head.  “These have got to go into the packs!” he said.   We imagined the WTF moments that would occur as collectors opened packs and found burnt remnants of rare cards in their hands.  They might think that there had been a fire at the packaging plant, or some kind of sleazy carny working in the assembly plant might have used a card to light his stogie, then tucked it into a pack to hide the evidence.

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