Collating Suckpax 1 cards

July 12, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Suckpax 1.

Now that all the various cards and inserts are ready, we sort out which cards go into each box.
suckpax 1 card sorting

This is the opposite of what many collectors do, which is to open up a batch of packs and then sort the random cards into stacks of teams, or of the same card.  Here we are taking a handful of identical cards and dealing them out into stacks that will be the contents of a box.

sorting box

I built a pair of these 50 slot “mail box” cases.  In hindsight, I should have made them only 25 slot.  With 252 cards per slot, the total weight when full is about 90 pounds.  I built them before I had actual cards, but I could have weighed a stack of cards from my collection.

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