Preparing Contributing Artist return sets

August 24, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in The Art Hustle 1.

Simeon Lipman of Cardhacks came up from New York to assist in preparing the shipments to the Contributing Artists.

After Simeon’s arrival in Albany NY, we went immediately to the factory floor where the base card set boxes were printed and die cut.

die cut boxes machine

Base set boxes being die cut, Simeon observing.

base set boxes on die cutter

Printed blanks on the right, the die for cutting and creasing on the left.

glueing boxes

With printed and cut boxes, next step is to glue them up.

filling boxes

The fun part- filling each box with the 162 base cards.

Finished base set box

We added the gold AP emboss at the Lab.

85 boxed base sets

All 85 base sets ready to pack up for shipping.

assembling artist packs

Kitting up the various parts- Simeon is collating the Artist Returns and embossed cards.  Donald is folding the gold embossed AP packs.

Partial box

Almost ready to go.  Just before adding the Artist particulars (their returns, and embossed cards).

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