SideKick will be at the Philly Non-sports Trading Card Show

September 29, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in Events, The Art Hustle 1, Trading Cards.

SideKick will have a table at this excellent show on Saturday, and we will be excited to meet with collectors and affectionados of vintage trading cards.  There will be loose packs of “The Art Hustle” series 1 cards for sale, and we will be giving special foil stamped Promo cards to purchasers.

foil stamped the art hustle promo cards

This show is a must for non-sports trading card collectors.  Pure cards, all cards, all the time.  Dealers, Artists, Publishers, Collectors, and well wishers.  Stellar sketch artists will be there, performing commisions on the spot.  If you have any holes in your collections, I bet you will find someone at the show who has the cards you are missing.

Organized and run the Non Sport Update Magazine, a great gang dedicated to the culture and collection of Trading Cards.

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