My Dads record collection accepted for Distroboto

November 2, 2010 - no comments. Posted by in My Dads Record Collection.

After a long delay, I received an acceptance from Distroboto in Montreal for the trading card series “My Dad’s record collection”.  I had sent them samples months ago, but it was to an out-of-date address.  Louis at Distroboto really got into the cards, and I brought up 50 packs to see how they will sell via his machines.  Louis has converted cigarette vending machines to vend art.

I got a surprising kick out of delivering the packs to him in Montreal.  He was appreciative of them, but beyond that, I got a buzz off of the experience.  These were a creation completely my own.  It must be similar to the feeling an artist gets delivering finished pieces to a gallery.

Backs of the cards getting the first stamping.


Stamping the boxes.  Distroboto does not need the outer boxes, but I felt the need to do them up.  Future distribution through other venues will probably require boxing.  It was fun to design and make them.  And I felt an increased pride in my work with the boxes.


I have a few hundred blank white boxes for just such purposes.  It is our standard 24 pack box, and when we did our last die-cutting for Suckpax 2, I had blank white ones cut also.


The cards themselves are cut up albums.  It is surprising what happens when you slice up a large design into small pieces.  The small framed sub-set piece of an image, randomly generated, can be very interesting.  I go through the hundreds of pieces, and sort them into 4 piles:  “A” or best images, which are faces or just fun; “B” images, which are intriguing; Text only sections; and solids or blanks.  The wrappers are made up from the inner sleeves.  Packs are made up of a mix of both A and B cards.

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