Suckpax 3, Sticker cards, test layup

September 13, 2011 - no comments. Posted by in Production, Suckpax 3.

The Sucklord designed a kick-ass set of stickers for the set.  9 different, and we are going to kiss-cut them like vintage sticker cards (Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars, etc).  I had a company make up a custom batch of sticker material, which matches the composition and thicknesses of the old style stickers.

Just printed a test layup of the 9, and some of the cards may need some size adjustment.

Once the artwork is locked down, I can design the steel rule die that will do the kiss-cut.

Digression: Kiss-cut is not what tough girls do, but when a pattern is sliced into the top layer of a multi-layer material.  A die is carefully shimmed so that it only cuts through one layer and not all the way through the stack of material.  This yields a sticker where you can peel away just part of the front, shaped in some way.

I am excited thinking about some of these stickers showing up on lunch boxes.

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